Monday, October 24, 2011

Ladybugs n boys

I got the CUTEST pincushion from Melinda!

This is Lila/Lyle. The ladybug with an identity crisis! Isn't she/he precious!?

My sweet pincushion came complete with a little story of the drama of not knowing your gender.....poor Lila is ACTUALLY a LYLE!

Melinda also made some funky polka dotted pins and the most perfectly delicious eyeball headband for me for Halloween! Oh yes, I WILL be wearing that this week!

Thank you Melinda!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A chicken!

If you know me, You know I have a thing for chickens..I am now the proud owner of Henrietta created by Val

She is a sassy little thing with her fancy tail feathers going on. I love her so much...Almost too much to stick pins in her.

Val also sent me the cutest tin with sewing notions in it, which I already have been using and a crocheted eyeball....I smile everytime I look at it...I am going to make a loop and hang it on my enchanted tree...An eyeball could be enchanted right? Maybe it came from a gnome....

So where is everyone's pincushions???????? C'mon and show and tell....and maybe even brag just a little.