Wednesday, August 24, 2011


aka my daughter - Brittany!!!

Doesn't she look cute .... I know I'm a little biased:-)
THANK YOU McKenna .... she LOVED the package you sent her!!! She sleeps with her sleep mask on every night, and the panda pillow pet is her constant companion at the moment.

Here are the other goodies she got .... a lovely reversible bag (she loves bags), panda stickers, the cutest panda keychain, candy (sorry, it didn't last long enough to make the picture), some cards that McKenna drew .... she is one talented little artist!!! She also got the cutest panda bracelet.... so adorable.
I was also so spoilt .... Jill popped some goodies in the parcel for me (Jill, I was very touched by your thoughtfulness - thank you so very much). I got a couple of balls of yarn, as well as some bindings and trims - oh my I am a happy girl:-)
Jill and McKenna - thank you so much for an incredibly awesome swap. We can't wait for the next one!!!!

Black and White Panda Inspired Swap

A lot of thought went into this package!  A frame for my beloved chihuahuas (too cute!), note cards, cupcake papers, hand made hot pads, sweets for the crabby, a thermal bag for bottles (claimed by my daughter), a really big cloth tote bag (we fought over this and decided to share), and a beautiful apron with extra fabric so I can make pockets to put my chihuahuas in while I cook (you think I am kidding?). 

What a beautiful panda inspired package Jill.  And did I mention that I LOVE MY NEW APRON!!!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Thank Kathy

Kathy and I decided to modify our swap and concentrate more on the black and white theme. I love black and white! Kathy knew I liked tea and sent a mug and saucer, a tea infuser, tea stickers and some of her homemade tea that she sells in her shop. It's been too hot so I've only had iced tea but I can't wait to try this tea! I've admired Kathy's teas when she's shown them on her blog.

Thank you Kathy! Your tea goodies inspired me to finally try making myself a mug rug. I used scraps from a couple of my Panda Swap projects. I already brought this one to school so now I need to make a new one for home.

Black and White and Panda All Over

What's Black and white and panda all over? Nature Girl's package from Brittany! Look the box was wrapped and stamped with pandas. She was literally squealing with delight as she opened the package.

She's one happy girl, who loves everything. She wore the night gown for bed the first night and has slept with her panda pillow every night since it arrived. I can't blame her for liking this package, it's a perfect package for her with stickers, colored pencils and water color paper. We just bought water color pencils too. She was very excited about the panda cookies. We sent them to our partners but didn't buy any for ourselves. She's tested all of the flavors and thinks strawberry is the best.
Nature Girl says, "Thank you very much! I love the pillow and the pajamas and especially the drawing stuff. This is an awesome package!"
Thank you Brittany!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Panda Goodies

Here are the panda goodies Nature Girl and I sent to Olivia. I just had to make a panda softie with recycled wool. We also made a beaded panda necklace for Olivia and a panda keychain.

My favorite panda item was this sleep mask model by Nature Girl. I hope you're having as much fun with the panda swap as we are!

Panda Masterpiece

Nature Girl received her panda package from Melinda and Olivia. She was so excited to get her own swap package! It was filled with black & white & Panda goodies. They sent pajama bottoms with a matching panda headband, watercolor paints, Twizzlers, and an art book.

Just look at this book they altered. Isn't it awesome?!! We think it's a panda masterpiece. The book is full of paper for Nature Girl to draw and paint on. When she saw the book she said "Look it's art." Thanks for sending such an amazing piece of art to her. She LOVES it!
This package made her so happy! Thank you! You are very talented ladies!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Package Recieved

Julianne was beyond thrilled to receive her package from Kaela yesterday. So many great goodies. Kaela and her mom made it so special knowing it was Julianne's first swap. She is definitely hooked.

She loved everything from the crochet Panda to the purple boa and the nail polish (in pink,black and white ~ of course).

The picture(s) drawn by Kaela herself and the bookmark. Panda and peace sign necklaces are already being worn. Kaela (and her mom) were sweet in including lots and lots of peace signs which Julianne loves. The details of her name on the basket and her initials on the ribbon were just fabulous.
My favorite was the panda egg timer. Goes well with the panda planter that holds my good luck bamboo plant in the kitchen!
I know I'm forgetting to mention even half of what was in the box ~ there was just so much and both Julianne and I want to thank you so much for making this so special.
Kaela ~ Your box is all taped up and heading to the post office tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Black and White Inspiration

Here's a little of our black and white inspiration. Nature Girl and I made these black and white masks using black permanent markers and white masks purchased at a craft store for 35 cents each. Nature Girl started off with flowers on her mask then decided she didn't like it and went to work making her mask black. These masks inspired part of our panda swap goodies for Olivia. We can't share it yet as Olivia hasn't received the package but it should be delivered to Olivia any day now.