Saturday, March 10, 2012

Owl Love That Makes You Cry

This is my daughter. She has swapped along with me for the last few years. She loves swap mail! She knows the drill, you wait until Mommy gets home from work and has the camera in hand to open the package. She even reminded me that I usually snap a picture of her with the package.

After posing with the package, then it's time to dig in to see what's inside the package. She was excited to find an owl bag stuffed with tissue paper and more goodies!

Look at all of the things Julz (and Barb) sent. As I mentioned before my daughter has lots of swap experience but she was so cute about this package. She started to tear up and made me stop taking pictures until she cleared her eyes. She loved the pillowcase for her travel pillow(Barb made her an awesome Florida pillowcase and travel pillow when we met them in Florida a year and a half ago. She still uses that travel pillow all the time!) They also included owl paper, owl cards, an owl craft. an owl pouch, an owl purse and our favorite . . . .

This owl picture, painted by the talented Julz! Don't you love it? We do!!! It's already on display. Thank you Julz and Barb for enough owl love to make us cry! Awesome package! Thank you!!!!

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Barb said...

I am so happy you liked my package and I'm so happy that I got to meet you. I love my package too! I hope we can do this again sometime. Love, Julz

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