Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The wonderful package I received!

The package I received was from Madelyn ~ I was just floored by the wonderful package I received. Where do I even start? Oh I know, the AMAZING purse that she made me! I love making purses and I think this is the first time anyone as ever made me a purse ~ and it has a zipped pouch to match. Not only that she sent me a large piece of the fabric. Guess I'll have to make myself a few more matching accessories.

The other thing I really loved is the owl key chain she also made. I love lace embroidery!
How cute are these accessories ~ especially the little tin

Also in the package was a great Owl potholder pattern ~ which I can't wait to try.

And last but not least the cutest knee socks EVER! Alas, they were too cute and stolen by my daughter before I could even blink!

Thank you so much for the wonderful package which I will be enjoying for many years to come, I'm sure!


Madelyn said...

Glad you liked it Barb. I'm also glad you're feeling better!! Enjoy!

Khristina aka Khris said...

OMG I need me some of those socks!! love them.
Hugs Khris

Fiona said...

So Mr Postie has been round your place too....
such fun owlie goodies... the pot holders and socks are such fun....

Beeshebags said...

Hoot Hoot, what a great owl booty you got much to hoot about. Congrat's


P.S. I missed your owl swap, but when I clicked on the link to check it out, it threw me briefly as I thought, I don't remember doing a post about this swap on my blog.....we have the same owl background/wallpaper on our blogs lol

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